The giclée process offers exciting new opportunities for artists and photographers to reproduce their works in brilliant, accurate and long-lasting colors on a variety of substrates. The giclée industry began in the early 1990's and has evolved and improved steadily since that time. Advances have taken place in printers, inks, software, color management technology, digital scanners and cameras, archival canvas and papers, and finishing materials. These advances make this a very exciting time for artists and photographers who wish to offer reproductions that provide the richly saturated color and detail of the original work of art.

There are many benefits to choosing giclée over traditional lithography for reproduction of your art:

Lower setup cost - Traditional lithographic printing requires that plates be generated for each color channel. This is an expensive process and typically requires a large run of lithographic prints in order to offset this initial cost. Giclées can be generated on demand as you market them.

Color Accuracy - Giclée printers are capable of reproducing a much wider color gamut than lithographic presses, thereby allowing for more accurate reproduction of the pigments and color blends included in the original artwork. Giclée printers use 6 to 12 more colors of ink, whereas traditional lithographic printing is limited to 4 colors. Further, while lithography uses screening that results in a visible dot pattern, giclée can reproduce the full gradation of tones and hues of the original painting.

Longevity - Today's giclée printers use pigment-based inks, rather than dyes, in order to provide greater resistance to fading due to exposure to ultraviolet light and ozone. The papers and canvases used in the giclée process are archival-quality substrates that resist yellowing. Tests by independent laboratories indicate that when framed behind glass or, in the case of canvas, when a UV-resistant varnish is applied, a giclée will last decades before noticeable fading occurs. As with any fine artwork, giclées should not be displayed where exposed to direct sunlight.

Do you have questions about giclée? Check out our FAQ Page.

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